About Us

We’re a bunch of sweet potato farmers, businessmen and food service veterans who love sweet potatoes and their frozen counter parts, most specifically sweet potato fries. We were baffled by the fact that the region of the USA that grows over 50% of the sweet potatoes and is the acknowledged lead supplier of the type of sweet potato that produces the best sweet potato fry (yes, you can really tell a big difference) did not have a sweet potato fry plant. And, the sweet potato fry plants that did exist elsewhere, were typically converted versions of other older, out dated plants, thus not well suited to do justice to such a wonderful food product as a sweet potato.

We set out to fix that void and in 2013, we assembled the best known team of engineers, food service experts and food craftsmen, then we created Trinity Frozen Foods, so that our families and yours can now have sweet potato fries like they were intended to be served. Grown in the best dirt, processed in a plant designed just to make them and built by the best sweet potato craftsmen in North America.

We create, custom build and supply our frozen sweet potato products directly to food service distributors, restaurants, grocery stores and the USDA.