Why Sweet Potato Fries Are Better Than The Traditional French Fry

The versatility of a sweet potato fry makes it a smart side or ingredient for any Chef or Cook to experiment with or serve. Sweet Potato Fries taste great and have amazing health benefits, but can be a great new tool in any Chef’s arsenal as they can be used as a base in a vegetable dish or as an appetizer with an eclectic dip.

Some healthy reasons to serve sweet potato fries include:

  1. Gluten-free.

Look for sweet potato fries that are prepared with a gluten-free batter like a rice-based batter. This type of batter creates a light and crisp coating that contrasts perfectly with the tender flesh of the sweet potato. With so many individuals, particularly children, being found to have adverse reactions or allergies to gluten, it makes sense to seek out tasty alternatives that anyone can enjoy.

  1. Fiber.

Fiber is something that every individual needs in their diet; yet it can be challenging to find food sources that are high in fiber and still appealing to a wide range of tastes. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, which is necessary to keep bodily systems functioning efficiently and smoothly. In fact, sweet potatoes have a little bit more fiber than regular white potatoes per cup, so serving sweet potato fries is a wise move.

  1. Nutrients.

Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients and natural sweet potato fries have an uncanny ability to raise the level of Vitamin A in your blood system when consumed. Children especially benefit from this Vitamin A, so adding sweet potato fries to a lunch or simple supper is a smart and conscientious choice.

  1. Taste.

What it all comes down to in most culinary situations is flavor – how does it taste? The best sweet potato fries are made from all natural ingredients using sweet potatoes grown locally and processed in plants designed and dedicated to the production of the best sweet potato fries.  Look for a rice-based batter used in these fries creates a crunchy texture that doesn’t compromise the nutritional value of the sweet potato.

  1. Convenience.

Often times it comes down to convenience; look for trusted brands that provide locally grown natural sweet potato fries, which are shipped directly to food service distributors, restaurants and grocery stores. Chefs are discovering the many advantages of using natural sweet potato fries in their most raved about dishes.

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