North Carolina Sweet Potato Business

North Carolina’s Sweet Potato business is a booming industry, providing the country with the freshest, sweetest potatoes around. Whether buying potatoes for distribution, manufacturing- such as frozen potato products and fries- or when feeding your own family, look first for those potatoes that are from the farms and experienced growers in this southern state.

Some things that set North Carolina sweet potatoes apart include:

Sunny, southern roots.

The climate has a lot to do with the richness and nutrients found in tubers from this eastern region of the southern US. North Carolina farms are home to more than 50 percent of the sweet potatoes distributed across the country, which gives these farmers expertise in the growing and distribution of this golden crop.

Attention to quality.

The crops comprising North Carolina’s sweet potato business go through a rigorous process to maintain quality and eliminate any potatoes that don’t live up to the standards of the farms producing them. These are shipped nationwide to provide an extensive consumer audience with the sweetest, most tender potatoes found through markets, food service distributors, and manufacturers.

A nutritious legacy.

North Carolina’s sweet potato business is a legacy, an agricultural industry that the state has been proud of for generations. Sweet potatoes provide essential nutrients, including vitamin A, beta-carotene, and potassium, which are an integral part of a healthful daily diet.

When making food choices for your family, friends, or customers, choose sweet potatoes grown in North Carolina. The climate, quality, and legacy of agriculture in this region result in the best product available.

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