Best Sweet Potato Recipes

There are many easy and versatile ways to incorporate the nutritious value of sweet potatoes into your daily diet. These tasty tubers pack a punch of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber and they are a widely available and inexpensive component to many delicious recipes.

Sweet potatoes are far more than the traditional, marshmallow-topped casserole that you enjoy on the holidays; consider some less conventional, very tasty ways to benefit from these healthful potatoes.

Consider the following recipe ideas and preparation suggestions for sweet potatoes:

Best breakfast items.

The Vitamin A and Potassium in sweet potatoes make them the natural, nutritious way to start out your day. Try some sweet potato pancakes or our Trinity diced sweet potatoes for a filling, fiber-packed choice for breakfast. Drizzle with some pure, warmed maple syrup for the perfect Sunday morning!

Special savory dishes.

Try a new twist on simple mashed potatoes with savory sweet potatoes with bacon and Swiss. The sweetness of the sweet potatoes pairs perfectly with the saltiness of the bacon and the richness of the cheese, for a salty-sweet taste combination that will please any palate.

Scrumptious sweets and desserts.  

Instead of serving pumpkin pie this holiday season, try something a little bit different and unexpected. This sweet potato pudding makes a sweet and delicious finish to a meal, or simply fill your homemade pastry or pre-made crust with this delicious pudding mixture for a can’t-miss pie.

Make sweet potatoes a nutritious part of your family’s meals, any day, and try some of these serving suggestions. Consider the many healthful advantages of these tender-fleshed tubers, and use them in lieu of other potatoes, starches, or produce.

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